Glow In The Dark Moon Wall Sticker - Glowing Ceiling Decal For Kid Room Bedroom The Light Decor - 3d Large Vinyl Full Night Decoration Art

Glow In The Dark Moon Wall Sticker - Glowing Ceiling Decal For Kid Room Bedroom The Light Decor - 3d Large Vinyl Full Night Decoration Art

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- EASY TO APPLY & REMOVE - Our glow sticker is self-adhesive. When it's time to take them down, tear them off. You'll find a clean, residue-free surface underneath!
- LONG GLOWING EFFECT - Place on any clean, flat surface, turn on the light for 30-60 minutes, and then off because the stickers need to absorb light before glowing. (Under normal circumstances, it can absorb enough natural light during the day and then glowing overnight). The longer it takes to absorb light, the longer it glows. On average, it will glow from 2 - 4 hours.
- CHILDREN WILL LOVE IT - This is perfect as a kids gift; you can use this fluorescent wall decor set to decorate your living room, bedrooms, kids' nursery. The glowing stickers can be a beautiful decoration for Christmas, Birthdaypartiesy or other celebrations. Our glow decal can create a warm atmosphere to help your kids fall Sleep Quickly.
- SAFETY TO USE MATERIAL - The glow-in-the-dark stars are made of environmentally friendly PVC material, no radioactivity, non-toxic, safe for kids, and waterproof. It's totally safe and conforms to US and EU standard safety requirements. Our Glow in the dark stars are guaranteed for a lifetime; contact us if you have any issues, we will try our best to solve them.

* MADE TO LAST: The light-storing film is made of a material such as an aluminate composed of a rare earth element by a chemical molecular structure and realizes a self-luminous function in a dark place by absorbing ultraviolet light or various visible light (sunlight, light, etc.). With enough light during the day, a green glowing effect lasts 2-4 hours at night.
* ECO GLOWING STICKER: photoluminescent decal made of hard plastic, non-toxic, chemically stable, contains no radioactive elements and is harmless to the human body. It is characterized by quick light absorption, longer afterglow, and longer service life.
* EUROPEAN DIN SERUFUCATE: Sticker meets the EU requirements of DIN 67510PI for luminosity. Made from European repositionable vinyl. Easy application with no residue upon removal.
* APPLICATION TAPE ALREADY APPLIED: Sticker arrives with the mounting adhesive tape applied on the sticker. No messy adhesive or glue to work with ever! The best part you can adjust the sticker easily while mounting it on a wall and get a perfect fit.
* SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: An ideal finish for any room. Enhance any bedroom, living, or interior space. If the sticker will not stick, have a defect, broken or damaged, we will immediately resend you a new sticker for free by priority mail.

Product size: Width x Height

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