Carta da parati - Motivo floreale in bianco e nero

Carta da parati - Motivo floreale in bianco e nero

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Quality material
Modern, 3D wallpaper made of "non-woven" material (TNT - Fliselina) consisting of a thermoadhesive interlining produced in Germany has been enjoying great success in recent years and has the advantage of being

  • water-repellent, resistant to low/high temperatures and non-abrasive to the touch;
  • more durable than classic wallpaper;
  • more resistant to humidity and deformation;
  • easy to maintain and clean as it is resistant to water and scratches.

Modern non-woven wallpaper is also easier to apply than traditional wallpaper, it fits on the walls of any bedroom, living room or kitchen as long as they are smooth, and it can hide imperfections in the wall. Modern wallpapers also create a layer of thermal insulation and, thanks to the textile fibres, allow walls to breathe and do not retain moisture.

Ecological and safe wallpaper
Prodotti eco-friendlyXeikon wallpapers are environmentally friendly, recyclable, de-inkable, and free of harmful and hazardous emissions. The use of safe and odour-free material also makes the wallpaper suitable for use in bedrooms and children's rooms.

Quality printing
Thanks to the quality of the digital printing in Full HD with a resolution of up to 600 dpi with Xeikon technology (FDA certified) that guarantees the necessary sharpness and depth of the image, the colour of modern non-woven wallpapers is sharp and vivid and has a high visual perception. Waterproof printing is very durable.

Easy mounting
All our wallpapers consist of vertical strips 50cm wide and the length of the photomural. If, for example, the chosen photo wallpaper is 400x280cm, it will consist of: 400cm / 50 cm = 8 strips (280cm high). This makes it even easier and quicker to install the entire wallpaper on your wall.

Safe packaging
All our products are packed by qualified personnel and packed for shipment using strong, rigid cardboard.

Grammage: 120g/m2
Printing technology: laser (thermosetting printing)
Wallpaper complies with the Health, Safety and Environmental requirements of the European standard.